Pineapple Jam – Pastry


It has been more than two years since i wrote my latest post for my blog.

There is always a way to turn the Lemon into a Lemonade, and it works also the same for  me in this whole world wide crisis situation that we are dealing it at the moment, which i really need a lots of distractions to keep my sane in place. I need to add something sweet into this situation, so i decided to make my homemade Pineapple Jam pastry for my first comeback post.

I am not a baked person, trust me. Each time i tried to bake some cake, even from the backing mix where you can easily bought from the Supermarkt, without even have to measure by your self each of the ingredients, still…it ain’t never work.

But, … this is where the challenge is. The happiest of our bellies is the most top priority above all, so i always need to find a thousand kind of way to enjoy our favourite cake or pastry, or even create it, without burning the house.

And this one is very easy and fast, and it is a perfect companion for your coffee or tea and a nice chat, so here are the steps and the ingredients that you’ll need for our delicious Pineapple Jam Pastry.

Pineapple Jam.1IMG_88756


  • 1,5 or 2 pieces of Pineapple
  • a pinch of salt, a bunch of luck
  • puff pastry
  • 1 yellow egg
  • 1 spoon melted butter


The Jam

  • clean and cut the Pineapple, and mix it in the food processor, we are using it rather than blender because we love it when the jam has a little bit of crunchy texture and not too smoothy
  • add a pinch of salt
  • heat the pineapple pulp until there is dry and no more water in it, you can add white sugar if you like it to be more sweet, but we love it when the taste more original from the pineapple it self, a bit of sweet and sour
  • turn down the heat into medium, cook it until it’s dry and sticky

The Pastry

  • pre heat the oven with 200 C
  • prepare the puff pastry, cut it into square
  • you need to keep the pastry moist, because when it’s dry, it will turn into a paper and it will be hard to form it
  • try not using too much layers of pastry, since it will not gonna be too moist when you baked it. Then apply melted butter on the surface and add a tablespoon of pineapple Jam, and fold it
  • apply the yellow egg on the surface of the folded pastry to create a nice brown looks when you bake it
  • bake the pastry for about 20 minutes, until it turns to goldy colour , then apply melted butter on the surface, then bake it again for about another 5 until 10 minutes

Voila,… the Crunchy Pineapple Jam pastry are ready.

For Tips, you can also replace the Pineapple jam to a banana or any other your favourite fruits jam.

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