Incredible Marrakech


Finally, for the very first time we set our foot on the African continent, more precisely on Northen Africa, Marrakech. It is the fourth largest city of the Kingdom in Marocco. The word Marrakech it self taken from the Berber words “amur (n) akush” which mean “Land of God”.

No wonder why they named it like that, the beauty of surrounding landscape begins with snow-capped Atlas mountains, the “Red Walls” of the city, the busiest square in around Africa Jemaa el-Fnaa, the famous Souks, Koutoubia Mosque, beautiful Gardens, Magnificent Historical Architectures of Ben Youssef madrasa, Palaces, and Riads.


Majorelle garden


When we stepped in into this magical Souk, our eyes were distracted by so many beautiful and exotic such as carpets, lamps, leather poufs, spices, and other colourful things . Without realising it, we were drifted through the magic Labyrinth inside the souk, and suddenly appeared in the middle of it. Which there, we had the best grilled lamb which cooked traditionally inside the underground stove, they served it with a slice of bread, tomato, olives, and a pinch of caraway seed.

We don’t need a proper map to discover the souk, just enjoy the lost in this magical Labyrinth, although we still need to be careful for the swindlers which hanging around, whose offering a way out, but with asking a lots of money in return. But, again what is a Souk without a bargain and a little bit of adventure.



At the time we decided to visit Marrakech, the first thing on my head, was i need to find a perfect Riad. Because, what is a visit to Marrakech without staying in Riad. Riad is a type of traditional Moroccan house or Palace with an interior garden. Riads were the stately city homes of the wealthiest citizens. But now they often open it as a guest house which offer more private and exclusive accommodation rather than hotels.

What is unique about staying in Riad, is not only because of their beautiful architecture and design, but also since it’s placed mostly in a common neighbourhood which you have to go through a small alley first to find their secret door. And when you’ve found that small door, first, you’ll have a sceptic thinking, but when that small door open wide and you see through it, your eyes will be amazed by the beauty of the surrounding view of the details from their architecture and design, it felt like you’re entering a fairy tail life story. And to choose one from many of beautiful Riads, it was the hardest part, since i cannot decided only one, i want to stay in all these beautiful Riads. So at the end, we decided to stay in two different Riads for this time of visit. And these two Riads, are one of our Favourites.

Click on the pic that you like, it will direct you to our Favourite riad website.


Riad Chocolate