Bare (healthy) Face

While the others busy learning and focusing them self with Contouring techniques, I challenged my self to do the other way around, since i’m not a make up freak, my interest to learn those make up and other complicated layering and covering your face kind of skills is very low, even none.

I used to have oily skins, but now since i moved to Europe, my skins getting rough and dry. I blamed it all on the weather here. Too long Winter time and less Summer breeze or maybe just because of natural generally aging (skip this one, beeppp) makes my skin more sensitive and dry and making me obsessed with all the skincares that very tempting screaming and promising (i’m weak for that) a lot out there.

My principle theory is that i never afraid of getting old or even have a wrinkles. For me it’s a natural kind of way to remind us that we are growing and tell us that we are human being. More important for me is that i can have a healthy skins, dewy and glowy face skin. Since my skins are very sensitive, i love every products which contain natural ingredients, or less (even without) chemical, without paraben and also without animal testing.

And these are the products that i’m currently screaming on:

Step 1. The Origins Clean Energy Cleansing Oil

First, i’m very sceptic of using Oil as my cleanser, since i’m afraid that it will leave greasy feeling on my face. But after i tried this one, i’ve changed my whole thinking. Oil Cleanser is my new Must-item on my daily routine. This light formula work effectively cleansing your face (even with full make-up) without leaving a greasy or even dry skin after it. It have natural moisture (thanks to Kukui Nut and Macadamia). It also Non-Comedogenic and contains Vitamin E which your skin need the most, and the smells, like you having a fancy Spa each time you using it, and oooohhh I love it..!!!


Step 2. The Rosense Rose Water


I use this Rose water as Tonic after cleansing. It contains 100% of Rose Water. It work really amazing for my dry skin. I use a little amount of this by pouring it directly into my palm and wipe it directly to my face (without cotton pad). It gives refreshing feeling and the smell of the Roses is very lovely and makes my skin softer.


Step. 3 Aesop Damascan Rose facial Treatment


I am obsessed with this Aesop series. Their natural products are precious. This Facial Treatment contain Vitamin E and Vitamin A also enhanced Ten precious plant extracts. It nourishing and moisturising my dry and sensitive skin, and it smells Fantastic, I just can’t get enough for this one. I use it three until five drops (since it is very pricey) on every Morning and Night with soft massage on my face. This one is my Essential.


Step 4. Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin Cream


This Korean Brand Skincare is blowing the whole rating Online. One of my true reason to try their products. This is a very soft cream, very light and without Fragrance, which perfect for my sensitive skin. After a few times, i recognized that my skin is getting softer and the redness is start to vanish. This cream is soothing and healing my irritated and dry skin. And this feels so nice.

Extra Tips: I also sometime combine this Cream with my Aesop Facial Treatment, double actions in one move.


Step 5. Clinique City Block Sheer 25 SPF


Sunscreen is top of the top Important thing for your skin. Use sunscreen every day and you will thank yourself later for that smart investment for your skin health. Using sunscreen only on the Summer time is an old rubbish thinking. Your skin need to be protected even on the day without a sunshine. This weightless formula contains SPF and antioxidants. The texture is very smooth and get easily absorbed into the skin. Make sure you apply this light Moisturizer Sunscreen with SPF before leaving home.

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